Here are just a few testimonials from clients who have recently received Rolf Structural Integration, Healing Touch or Ro-Hun Therapy.

Donna, Massage Therapist

Carol sometimes uses Shambhala Healing Tools in her practice. I was so impressed with how it freed up my shoulder, I got one of the Etheric Weavers for myself. I now share them with my clients.

Rhonda, Nurse, age 50

Medical Doctors could learn a lot from alternative health care practitioners like Structural Integration bodyworkers. Carol is working with me to recover from some long distance running injuries.

Ann, Nurse & Massage Therapist

I learned more about how to effect change in the body by watching her work for an hour than I learned in 6 months in massage school. She got more mobility in my husband’s ankle than he has had in 16 years.

Dana, HVAC, age 59

After several visits to my PCP and foot specialist and diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, medicine did nothing for me in the form of relief. I tried rolfing and was amazed at how good I felt after just a few sessions not realizing the rest of my body was also part of the problem. Carol explained that everything is connected and that total body alignment would be most beneficial. Ten sessions later it was well worth it!

Sylvia, IT, age 59

I gave rolfing a try for TMJ relief. Carol had the same issue many years ago and knew exactly what I was experiencing. Her session that addressed the head brought much relief. Over the course of ten sessions for a total body alignment, I had two that targeted my troubled jaw area. Amen! What more is there to say.

Judy, Nurse, age 62

I have been getting massages for years to help my aching neck. It felt good temporarily. This is so much better than any massage - my whole body feels renovated! And my Gastric reflux is gone - it feels just wonderful to be rid of that!

Dave, Business Executive, age 53

My chiropractor sent me to Carol. I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as Structural Integration. I can’t believe how good I felt right after the very first session. It helped me so much so fast! It is quite an amazing process.

Tom, MD, Family Practice

When I first met Carol in my medical practice, she suggested I try a session. I jumped at the chance. I felt so good after the first session, I signed on for the 10 series myself. I now recommend Carol to people I see in my Integrative Family Practice.

Sharon, Mother of 5

I have been using the Shambhala Healing Tool as well as the Bach Flower Essences which Carol introduced to me. Together they have made such a difference in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual outlook. I highly recommend that you try them yourself.

Cindy, Ruther Glen

I had an injury at work that led to neuropathy in my legs. The doctors put me on pain meds. Those led to more drugs to treat the side effects. I am a walking pharmacy. My body was on high alert when I came for my first session of Healing Touch - I couldn't even close my eyes. I am now sleeping so much better and my pain levels have decreased.

Cathy, Physical Therapist

Carol knows when structural bodywork or energy therapy is more appropriate to her clients. I just tell her how I am feeling and she always seems to choose just the right approach. I feel balanced, centered and refreshed every time.

Esther, age 59

Wow! When I first met Carol I was on 14 meds a day for a variety of conditions. It all started with leg neuropathy caused by the statin drug for cholesterol. I felt awful. Now, a mere 6 weeks later, I am a new woman. I am down to only 3 pills a day, have fabulous energy. The neuropathy is not quite gone yet, but it is about an 80% improvement. Carol also introduced me to Shambhala Healing Tools which I use every day to continue the healing process as my self-care. Run, don't walk to this therapist!

Nicole, Fredericksburg

I have had excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders for over a year, resulting in being put on long term disability. When I laid down on the table, I wasn't sure how long I would be able to lay there because my neck hurt so much. I couldn't believe how I felt after my first session of Healing Touch. I was pain free and incredibly relaxed

Phil, age 73

A friend recommended that I try Healing Touch. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in my elbows and hands. There is no cure and I have to endure long transfusions of a drug. I believe I got this condition due to extreme stress. After the very first treatment, my energy level went from a 5 to a 10. By the 3rd session, I was off my sleeping meds. Now after only 6 sessions, the swelling is down, I feel terrific, I am back exercising, and I am considering going off the transfusions. I highly recommend this therapy. And to think I was skeptical when I first heard about it.