Bras and Posture

Bras have an enormous effect on posture. Ill fitting department store bras are the problem. The weight of the breasts is carried fully on the shoulders which draws the shoulders forward creating a rounded look. A conventional department store bra is available typically in only 32 cup sizes. So the average woman in search for the right size cup (A-B-C-D-DD-DDD) goes up in the band (32-34-36-38-40-42-44). This causes the bra to ride up in the back and dumps her down in the front. Often the straps fall off the shoulders. Some women try to fix the problem by pulling the straps tighter which can cause ridges in the shoulders for women who are large breasted. Breasts bounce during exercise and often even just walking with these bras. Neck, shoulder, and upper and mid-back pain are often heard complaints.

But there is a solution -- custom fitted bras manufactured by Jeunique, International which are available in sizes 26aa-56n. These bras are amazingly comfortable, healthy for our breasts, improve posture and create a more womanly figure. The weight is taken off the shoulders and then the arms and shoulder relationship improves.

Carol has been fitting her clients in these bras since August 2008. Women repeatedly report that their neck, shoulder and upper back pain is vastly improved. All immediately report that they feel like they are standing straighter. And the pictures show it.

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Below are photos of some women in ordinary bras and custom fitted bras:

Healing Body, Custom BraHealing Body, Custom Bra