Personal Training

Getting Stronger

woman-working-out-doing-a-press-up11During the Structural Integration sessions, movement education is provided to all my clients.  This includes for many a home program to increase stability, mobility, aerobic fitness, and muscular strength and endurance.  For some clients, I have recently begun offering Personal Training sessions at my office or in the client's home.  Each client's personal training program is designed specifically for their goals.  I can also provide Personal Training to clients who do not receive any structural bodywork. 

While I use equipment in Personal Training, I am a big proponent of body weight exercises for several reasons.  Body weight exercises are simple to do and can be done anywhere.  You don't need to be dependent on a gym to do them.  body weight exercises also help with functional fitness - the everyday activities we need to be strong for - getting up out of a chair, playing with the kids on the floor, opening doors, lifting boxes, getting something off a tall object.  Pushing, pulling, standing on one leg, balancing!

I also use a variety of tools like TRX straps, rings, elastic bands, and kettlebells.  You will never be bored.