Why I Am in the Healing Arts and Fitness Industry?

My name is Carol Orrell and I am an holistic practitioner in Fredericksburg, VA.  Having spent thousands of dollars and many years seeking relief from TMJ disorder and arm numbness, I finally found relief when I went through Rolfing Structural Integration.  Not only did it eliminate all of my symptoms, but I also gained improved posture, increased flexibility and an overall greater sense of well-being. After talking to many Rolfers about their work, I decided to become trained by the original teachers of Structural Integration in order to share this important and powerful work with others.

As I gained experience, I began to seek out other healing arts modalities in order to help heal issues that structural work alone cannot address.  One of the most important of these modalities is Healing Touch, a form of Energy Medicine that helps on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

To enhance my effectiveness, I became a Facilitator for the RoHun Therapeutic Cards Process. This process is a structured method to reach the inner self, see our shadows, understand our faulty thoughts, receive personal realization and clear the energy field for personal growth and change.

Rolfing, Healing Touch


      Carol Orrell

My Education and Training

I was certified as a Structural Integration practitioner in November 2002 by the Guild for Structural Integration. The Guild was the first school founded by Dr. Rolf which later evolved into the Rolf Institute. It was re-established again as a separate school in 1989 to carry on Dr. Rolf's work as she originally developed it.

I begain my training in 2010 in Healing Touch as a core modality because of its power to assist healing oneself. I followed that with training in the RoHun Therapeutic Card Process. All of my trainings and core modalities blend seamlessly into my practice while giving me many options when I work with a client who has a particularly challenging structural, functional or deeper emotional holding issue. I am the only Healing Touch Practitioner in the Fredericksburg area.

My continuing education is just that - always continuing. Every year I attend several workshops - either advanced training in Structural Integration like Visceral Manipulation, Healing Touch Program workshops or explorations of other healing modalities like Continuum Movement, and Shambhala Healing Tools.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. I provide movement education as part of Structural Integration and offer Personal Training sessions for those in need of personalized direction. I also am certified by the White Lotus Foundation to teach the well-known style of "Flow Yoga" as taught by Tracey Rich and Ganga White. I have studied structural yoga therapy as taught by Gary Kraftsow and Mukanda Stiles. I often suggest yoga to my clients with certain structural challenges as a way to maintain the improvements in their structure after they have completed the Structural Integration 10 series.

Prior to choosing to dedicate myself to the healing arts and fitness industry, I spent most of my career as a management consultant, both in the US and overseas, and I held a senior management position in a national financial services firm. I hold both an MBA and an MS in Applied Behavioral Science, with major in Organizational Development and Training.

I love what I do now more than anything I have ever done. It is a wonder, a joy, and an honor to be doing this work. I am not the healer, I merely hold the space which allows your body to heal itself.

Associations, Certifications, Licenses, Continuing Education

  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
  • Certified Practitioner, Structural Integration 2002, Guild for Structural Integration
  • Healing Touch Certified Practitioner - Healing Touch Program
  • Healing Touch Professional Association
  • Continuing Education, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Guild for Structural Integration
  • Nationally Certified Bodywork Therapist (NCBMBT)
  • Advanced training in Visceral Manipulation, Scar tissue removal, Bone remodeling, Touch for Health & Continuum Movement
  • Member, International Association for Structural Integration
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Board of Nursing, State of Virginia